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The Poet Explains His Poem, IT IS ALL ABOUT WHAT IS INSIDE

The poem, It is All About What is Inside, is a part of the collection of poems titled, Beyond These Dark Lands Are Edges of Joy. This book of poems give comfort and hope to those going through dark times. This poem is one of the ones that encourage you to think about God's purpose in sending difficulties and problems into your life.

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The Title is in two parts. The first is, It is All About What is Inside.  At first read, it seems to have no connection to the actual poem. It was my purpose to cause the reader to think about their feelings and desires in contrast to the work of God in our lives. The second part of the title is, "A Poem about the Intent."  It refers to the reason for God's purpose in our difficulties.

This poem was written with a very simple approach and at first looks like free-verse. The 21 lines vary in length. Each line makes a single statement that weaves with those around it to develop the poem's meaning. Lines 8 and 17 are points of transition in the meaning.

Illustration for the poem, It is All About What is Inside,
From the Book,
Beyond These Dark Lands Are Edges of Joy
© A.E. Dozat 2018
This poem begins by pointing out that we have our desires, wants and the idea of what is best for us. Then we keep waiting for "God to send it."
The 8th line introduces the first "But," and we are faced with God sending something that is, "contrary to our wants." At that point, we often find ourselves fighting against God, and even asking Him to deliver us from this thing that is opposed to our desire.
Line 17 brings the next change with the second "But" and begins the conclusion. It concludes with a blunt and bold statement that God is using that very thing to bless us.

The illustration that I drew for this poem is of a backpack resting against a tree beside a road that leads up into the mountain.

The poem is accompanied by the verse from the epistle of James. "Blessed is the man who remains steadfast under trial, for when he has stood the test he will receive the crown of life, which God has promised to those who love Him." James 1:12, ESV

This poem, like all the poems in the collection, will give you hope that there is meaning in the problems you face and that God is working for your good through them. Anyone going through a struggle will be encouraged by this poem and book.

You can read this poem in my book Beyond These Dark Lands Are Edges Of Joy on page 20.

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Beyond These Dark Lands 
Are Edges of Joy,
Words of Comfort and Hope
Poems by A.E. Dozat © 2018
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