Wednesday, March 14, 2018

The Author's Commentary of His Poem, Above The Darkness,

This is the 3rd poem in my book, Beyond These Dark Lands, Are Edges of Joy, Words of Comfort and Hope. Like all the poems in my book, this is short and written in free-verse style. You can read it on page 2.

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The full title is Above the Darkness, A Poem of Vision. It is a title that gives hope that we can escape the darkness of our lives but in a way that is not humanly possible.

Most of the lines in this poem are phrases of three or four syllables that make up the four sentences of the poem. This way the reader considers each statement on its own before moving on to the next. The reader is thereby taken by steps to the declaration at the end.  It all gets the reader prepared for the last line which is an encouragement and a visionary statement.

The first section describes how we "Wish to fly... Long to run." We are trapped by our difficult times and want to fly away or run away.  "We wait the day...rise up on wings."

Illustration for the Poem, Above the Darkness,
from the Book,
Beyond These Dark Lands Are Edges of joy
© 2018 A.E. Dozat
Then it takes a turn with, "Do not give up! You may yet arise..." there is hope but not by your own power or by your own strength.

Then poem transitions to a future hope, and at the same time gives hope. Even though we are weak we must continue. Our hope must be based on a vision or view of God. The poem ends with a positive declaration that what we hope for in faith will be granted through the Spirit. Those who are familiar with The Bible will think of Isaiah 40:31.

The idea of looking to God in our weakness and receiving His gift of strength through Christ is one that I return to in several poems in this collection.

We all go through times where we long to escape our circumstances but we lack the resources in ourselves to flee. In those times we can hope, and do more than hope because we look to God and keep our focus on Him. He is the one who lifts us. If we focus on God the time will come when we are not in that place of darkness anymore but above it. The place of darkness still exists but we soar above it in faith.

Most of the illustrations I drew for this collection of poems feature a road and this one has a road leading through a forest viewed from above. In the sky is an eagle with wings spread out.

The scripture footnote is from Isaiah 40:31. This is the only scripture I referenced more than once.

This is a poem of hope, a hope in the Lord, and His promise to lift up those who look to him.

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 Are Edges of Joy,
Words of Comfort and Hope
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