Thursday, March 8, 2018

What It Feels Like When You Make The First Sale Of Your Own Book.

As a niche publisher, I am on my own. I wrote the book of poems, Beyond These Dark Lands Are Edges of Joy, for the hurting and struggling people I meet and friends who need encouragement and hope. I do not have the backing of a big business for resources and financing. I know right now my business model is more like a hobby but I hope it will not be that way for long. I didn't write this book for the money, after all, it is poetry and only a handful of poets in modern times have made money; I just hope to break even and not plunge family and home into debt. I wrote it out of love for God and His children.

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I had enough money to buy two dozen copies of my book and share them with some friends earlier this week. They are pastors and ministry heads at the Baptist state convention headquarters where I work in the mailroom. Even though they are seminary professors and most have PhDs in theology or church or something they always treat the high school graduate in the mailroom (me) with the greatest dignity and respect. So I expected them to be gracious when I gave them each a copy, But they were far more than that they were extremely affirming, highly congratulatory, and eager to celebrate my accomplishment.

Then today one of the ministry heads at the convention who is a man of God, a pastor, a Church planter catalyst for the state convention and head of a ministry organization to special needs families expressed his appreciation of my book of poems and ordered some copies to give to some folks he is ministering to.

It fills me with awe, humility, and gratitude to think that my collection of poems is going to be used by the Lord to encourage and bless people. You would think that I would be jumping for joy that someone likes my book of poems so much that they want to buy some copies, and yes I am joyful but the sense that I tried to do something for God and that He is blessing it is an awesome realization. I feel like I just want to keep on saying, "Thank you, God, it is all for you Lord," over and over.

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