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The Author Explains The Meaning of His Poem, Its Power Never Ends

The Poem, It's Power Never Ends, A Poem about the Source, is on page 10 of my Book of Poems, Beyond These Dark Lands Are Edges of Joy, Words of Comfort and Hope.

This is a poem of rational hope, a hope that is founded on an intelligent belief in God's active mercy in our lives.  It is my vision that this poem will inspire others to a deeper hope in God during their difficult times.

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I wanted the title to grab the reader's attention immediately. It makes you wonder what the "It" is, and what the "Power" is.

The subtitle, A Poem about the Source, is to deepen the reader's curiosity. You assume that this fundamental something that is powerful eternally.

Illustration for the poem
Its Power Never Ends, A Poem of The Source
From the Book
Beyond These Dark Lands Are Edges of Joy
© 2018 By A.E. Dozat
This poem is 29 lines long and forms eight sentences. The overall tone is direct like a 98-word sermon. I did not use metaphor and imagery. The lines are short, some have only one or two words. Most lines are four five or six syllables with very few rhythms. There are two halves; the first half makes a statement and the second half expands the statement.

This poem makes its point early in line five that the poem is about hope.
The next three phrases began to expound on hope...
"Hope is as strong or
As weak as
Who your hope is in."
It points out that we should not blindly hope in hope, but we must hope in God who is not only able to meet all of our needs for deliverance He is divinely worthy of our faith.
Lines 12 through 14 points out that we must clearly define who or what our hope is in. The poem ends like a Psalm where God is declared worthy of our hope.

Most of the book's illustrations have a road going through the dark lands. In this illustration, the road winds around a hill with an empty tomb representing lines 20-21.

The footnote is the verse from 1 Corinthians, "Three things will last forever--faith, hope, and love--and the greatest of these is love". 1 Corinthians 13:13, NLT

This poem is a valuable statement that we can have hope. Reading it will strengthen those who need reassurance that God is worthy of their hope.

You can read this poem on page 10 of the book. If you would like to read a sample poem choose the link below for the website.

Beyond These Dark Lands 
Are Edges of Joy,
Words of Comfort and Hope
Poems by A.E. Dozat © 2018
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