Sunday, December 2, 2018

How She Used a Poem For a Thanksgiving Blessing After Her Time of Loss

When she told me her plans I felt like falling on my knees and raising my hands to heaven and exclaiming, "I am not worthy."

Her husband was a pastor for a lifetime and his passing was a loss felt by many. His eloquence and gracious speech were as legendary as his nobility and integrity. Holidays are a season when a missing loved one is felt in its sharpest and deepest pain.  And often those left behind must deal as best as they can, and his passing will be very hard on them.

One of his traditions was to say the Thanksgiving blessing for a large gathering of family, nieces, in-laws and friends. This year the Thanksgiving blessing was in danger of being unsaid because no one felt comfortable to take the place of someone they so revered. No one felt they had the eloquence or right to take his place.

His widow worried that to not say the blessing would dishonor his memory and cheapen a treasured tradition; but even worse to not say the blessing would dishonor God for whom the very holiday is meant to celebrate.

Then she got an idea. The more she thought about it the more it made sense to her. She would ask one of the relatives to read a poem she selected from my book of comforting and encouraging poems. She bubbled with excitement as she told me.

It was the perfect solution for her. No one would have to come up with eloquent words or fear they would say the wrong thing. Since many of the poems speak of God's provision of comfort she could find one that was ideal for the Thanksgiving Holiday and deal with their loss. Since each person is in a different stage of grieving and the poems all focus on God as the answer for our broken lives she felt reading one would respect and touch each person where they are in that process.

I was humbled to hear of her idea and also very joyful that my poems are used by our Heavenly Father to touch His children.

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