Saturday, February 17, 2018

Should my Book of Poetry have a Theme?

Should I arrange my book of poetry with a theme, or should I just put a random bunch of my poems into a collection? I thought about it a lot before starting this project. Many questions came to my mind such as, would a collection based on a theme be pretentious or insincere?  Would working within a theme cause my writing to be forced and not as good as I would like it to be? Would it compromise my focus?

It is easy to just randomly put a bunch of your favorite poems into a collection and title it something. I suppose there are times where that is O.K. Maybe random poems can be the theme of your book. A collection of favorites might not have a theme and might be fine.

There are a lot of good reasons to work within a theme.
  • A theme will give the collection unity and the reader will have expectations as they travel through the collection.
  • A theme will give it a place in the market.
  • A theme makes it easier to explain what the collection is all about.
  • A theme will help the reader know what to expect.
  • A theme will give the collection structure.
  • A theme is more engaging and offers the chance to explore a subject in diverse ways.
There are reasons to not give the collection a theme.
  • You may run out of interest or inspiration.
  • A themed collection requires more commitment.
  • The subject of the theme may require a lot of research.
  • Whenever you have inspiration you can write without worrying if it fits the theme.
  • You need to know the subject well or your collection will be laughable.
  • You might get done and wish you had chosen a different theme.
  • You might never get done.
  • Everybody is writing about the same theme.
  • Maybe no one is interested in the theme you choose to write about.
After giving it much thought I choose to base this collection on a theme. I felt passionate about the theme of God's comfort.  There are a lot of hurting people in the world, people whom God loves. I believe we should use our gifts and talents for good whenever we have the opportunity. So, I chose to make this collection about comfort and hope in God during times of personal darkness.

Time may judge my wisdom.

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