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The Poet Explains His Meaning in the Poem, Not Only Are You Known

My Poem, Not Only Are You Known, is a poem of comfort and hope that may touch you on many levels of your life.

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The full title is, Not Only Are You Known, a Poem about God. I choose these long titles to break away from the current trend to give minimal titles and to engage the reader's curiosity from the beginning.

The long title also suggests a key to understanding the poem. For this poem, there are two keys to understanding it. First, "Known," makes the point that we are known, but there is more to it than us simply being known by some universal awareness.
The second part of the title is, "A Poem About God." This takes us away from ourselves and brings us to God. People have a naturally self-aware view of life and see things from a self-vantage point, but I wanted to take us to God's vantage point and explore His view of us.

Illustration for the poem, Not Only Are You Known,
From Beyond These Dark Lands Are Edges Of Joy
by A.E. Dozat © 2018
This poem is 24 lines long and forms six sentences. Most of the lines are three to five syllables. The short lines give emphasis and slow the reader down, so they do not miss the meanings in the poem. The first section is made up of five "God knows you" statements.
God knows you
With all your flaws,

And He accepts you.
Line 16 starts the second section with
And since
God knows...
The poem begins with God's general knowledge of us and then goes to His knowledge that moves Him to act for us. 
Lines 20 to the end describes God's act of sending Christ to fulfill our greatest need. That need is echoed in the theme of knowing.

The meaning of this poem is that God knows you with all your flaws and he also accepts you completely. But he knows you have not only flaws and sins, but you have a need that you cannot meet on your own; so He sent his Son, Christ, to die as our Savior and become the answer to that need.

The illustration for this poem is a drawing of a cross beside a road that leads over the side of a mountain.

The scripture that accompanies this poem is, "And we have seen and testify that the Father has sent His Son to be the Savior of the world." 1 John 4:14, NIV

This poem offers comfort that you do not need to hide or run from God because He already knows you and He accepts you. It offers hope through the Gospel that Christ came to bring us to God so we can know His love.

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Beyond These Dark Lands 
Are Edges of Joy,
Words of Comfort and Hope
Poems by A.E. Dozat © 2018
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